super-karoshiYou loved to help the poor salaryman commit suicide in Karoshi Suicide Salaryman, didn’t you? Everybody did, that’s a sure fact and in order to keep us busy, Jesse Venbrux, the game’s developer, has decided to offer a brand new chapter titled Super Karoshi.

Is Super Karoshi, another free flash game we’re offering today (but one that clearly wins the “game of the day” award), your goal will be the same as in the previous chapters: kill your character. Even more, with this new release you’ll also have a twist in the gameplay, as you will have to help others do this dirty work. So you’d better start playing!

There are no less than 60 stages in Super Karoshi and all the puzzles in this entry are completely original, so you’ll have tons of brain teasing here. The visuals and the overall approach are similar to those of the previous flash games in the Karoshi series, so you’ll feel at home if you played any of the past titles. And even if you didn’t, you will still have plenty of fun playing Super Karoshi, an overall original game in concept and gameplay – and quite easy for a puzzle/platformer game!

Follow the link to play Super Karoshi and remember to visit back since I’m working on a walkthrough for the game!

UPDATE: Click for a Super Karoshi walkthrough for the first 40 levels!