ultimate-tacticsThe makers of the tower defense series, Ultimate Defense, have decided to recycle the monsters and the settings and give it a shot with a new genre, role playing games. Tactical, turn based RPGs, to be specific, and the result was quite impressive: Ultimate Tactics, a free flash game you can play in your browser right away.

Ultimate Tactics puts you in the shoes of Kronus, a young knight that starts his career by helping his grandpa get rid of some strange creatures that start lurking into the back yard. From this to a huge scale war against the creatures is just a single step (or, better said, a bunch of steps) and soon you will be leading a party of warriors, ready to give their best in the fight against the evil.

Without revolutionizing the genre, Ultimate Tactics still delivers enough entertainment to keep you busy, as well as some pretty good looking graphics and an “all-mouse” control scheme. Unfortunately, this interface is the game’s biggest problem, too: you have to click the mouse until your finger starts hurting, just to perform an attack, move your character and end the turn. So it’s a really slow game, even though the developers have improved the overall speed of the battles. But since we all know that such free flash games like Ultimate Tactics are played during work hours, in between other tasks, the speed is OK and, since it’s not happening in real time, the game is truly a gem.

In order to give this title a try follow the link, but remember to check back on Unigamesity for even more great free game news!