shift4Today’s free flash game of the day is an incredible puzzle title which, even though rather short, is extremely fun and challenging. I am talking about Shift 4, the new five-level adventure of the unlucky pilot that keeps getting attacked by the ugly space-squid. But don’t let these rather strange details influence you: Shift 4 is indeed an incredible game!

If you played the previous titles, you know already that the most amazing part in the Shift series is the ability to turn the game’s rooms upside down, or left, or right in order to find your way to the next door. Of course, it’s not all that simple anyway, and it gets even harder in Shift 4: you will have to control more characters in turns in order to solve some puzzles, and this will prove quite tricky sometimes. But it’s a pleasant, nice flowing challenge!

Also, new elements find their way into today’s free flash game of the day, such as gravity or different types of switches, plus the regular spikes and “dead ends”. All in all, a truly original game that offers all players, both hardcore and newcomers to the games world, a great experience!

To play for free this flash game of the day, Shift 4, simply follow this link. Enjoy and remember to visit back the Unigamesity for even more cool and great flash games!