Metalix TD Comes with New Approach to the Tower Defense Genre

Metalix TD Comes with New Approach to the Tower Defense Genre

metalixIf you love tower defense games, then you should give a try to Metalix Tower Defense, an innovative concept for the genre, even though the overall result is not as impressive as it sounds. Still, it’s a nice play and a nice addition to the tower defense genre and, most important: the game can be played for free!

The only thing that makes Metalix TD get out of the crowd of regular Tower Defense clones is the fact that it comes with a different route for the monsters each turn. This means that some of your towers will generally become useless where you’ve originally placed them, but you shouldn’t worry: you can move them in real time – actually you have to, since you won’t be building no thousands of towers in this game, but instead you’ll be upgrading a few to the maximum and follow the monsters, shooting. Which is quite nice in the end, even though this could be considered as a radical change for the genre, therefore kind of hard to get used with, at least during the first levels.

However, once you get the hang of things (no more than 2-3 minutes), you will start loving Metalix Tower Defense and you’ll probably wonder how come nobody came up with such an idea yet.

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