the-scene-of-crimePastel Games have just debuted a new game series, The Scene of the Crime, a really well done adventure game some would still consider an “escape the room”. But debating over its real genre is nothing I will do – not with such a great title that will certainly impress even those who don’t consider themselves fans of the free flash games!

The Scene of Crime places you in a black and white setting, a town and style that made me fondly remember Sin City, the movie. It’s dark, it’s noir and intense, even claustrophobic at times, due to the heavy rain and the haunted house feeling of the rooms. In other words – a true masterpiece, a truly well done atmospheric adventure!

Your job in this free flash game you can play in your browser is to collect evidence that will lead you find the murderer. It’s not going to be the easiest job ever, but it’s not very difficult, either. You will certainly enjoy clicking around, checking evidence and analyzing but, once you will be over with the whole thing, you’ll have a kind of sour taste in your mouth: The Scene of Crime is intense and well done, yet way too short. However, it’s obvious that it’s just the first episode from a new series from Pastel Games, so we can only get excited anticipating the future releases.

Give The Scene of the Crime a try, for free, following this link.