stunt-pilot21Today’s free flash game of the day is Stunt Pilot 2, a little jewel perfect for the weekend players with a desire to become the best of the best of the best, sir! Your job? To pilot a plain. Simple, right? Well… certainly not when you have tons of obstacles ahead and gates you have to fly through!

Stunt Pilot 2 is a real challenge, though and clearly not a title for those who tend to lose their temper while playing games: unless you have some quick fingers and a bit of luck, you’ll generally hit everything around you and… lose.

The good thing is that, even if you completely suck at being a virtual pilot, you can create your own level and make it as easy as possible and, of course, win it over and over again. Of course, this brings no satisfaction and no recognition, but at least your stress levels will be low!

Now, seriously writing, Stunt Pilot 2 is really a great flash game with easy controls and a classic concept revived for your browser. The only problem is that it’s not made for small flat screens like the one I’m using right now (with a 1280×720 resolution), so if you have one, you’ll probably miss the upper and lower parts of the game’s window, but this should not affect your game. So, go ahead, follow the link and give Stunt Pilot 2 a try. And don’t get mad, my first score was just 4,488 points.