2009-internet-olympicsWouldn’t you like to represent your country at the Olympic games? Even more, wouldn’t it be sweet if you also won an award for your country and helped it reach the highest peak? Now you can do it in 2009 Internet Olympics, a free flash computer game that is good enough to keep you busy for several minutes, and one that also tickles the nationalist inner self of the players. You’re really representing your country, after all!

2009 Internet Olympics, however, is not connected to the official Olympic Games and you can see that from the challenges: 8 mini-games that test your skills and reflexes and award you points based on your merits. The minigames are as follows:

1. 2009 Internet Olympics – Bug Off, where you have to squash bugs as fast as possible;
2. 2009 Internet Olympics – Torpedo Spin, another challenging skill minigame where you have to guide the submarine to the destination through a maze-like ocean, avoiding torpedos;
3. 2009 Internet Olympics – World Traveler, to test your knowledge in Geography with a trivia-like game;
4. 2009 Internet Olympics – Chicken Fling, change sides now and prevent chickens from being killed (and if it gets boring, try to find as many answers as possible to the question “why did the chicken cross the road”);
5. 2009 Internet Olympics – From A to Z, where only the fast typers will succeed;
6. 2009 Internet Olympics – Speed Racer, a game where your speed and fast fingers should do a great team!
7. 2009 Internet Olympics – Missile Command, a classic missile command game;
8. 2009 Internet Olympics – Bear Button (“smash the button” fans will love it!);

All in all, the games are not really amazing nor very original, but the concept as a whole is quite interesting and, since you know you will be representing your country, it adds some extra value. The good thing is that the entire game can be finished in about 15-20 minutes, which is great: at least that amount of time can be allocated off your busy schedule to represent your country in the 2009 Internet Olympics.

So go ahead and give the game a try here!