heavy-weaponmsRocket launchers? Cannons? Tanks? These are probably the questions you ask yourself when you hear about a game titled “Heavy Weapons”, wondering what are the heavy weapons they’re talking about. Well, the truth it that none is the answer, since this free flash game of the date is set in… space! However, this doesn’t mean it’s less cool than a “down to earth” shooter. On the contrary!

Heavy Weapons is still quite fast paced and it gets really intense as you go through the levels – there are 60 of them, so you will have a lot of clicking to do and enemies to destroy – plus some awesome boss battles. Also, the game offers no less than 21 weapons to purchase, upgrade and place on your ship accordingly to your own style of fighting – but don’t expect you’ll need too much strategy here, it’s all about the destruction rate!

As a bad thing I could note the fact that the game is quite minimalist when it comes to visuals and the ships are not impressive at all. Also, the fact that levels have a time limit (and not an enemies limit) is also pretty strange at first, but eventually you will get used with it. Except for that, there are no problems with Heavy Weapons, today’s free flash game of the day.

You can play the game following this link and you can also check back soon for some Heavy Weapons tips from me.