heavy-weapons-tipsToday’s flash game of the day was Heavy Weapons, a great game you can play on Kongregate (and probably other similar websites). I have decided to share some of my experience with you and give you some hints and tips to make your life with the 60 levels of the game much easier.

We’ll start with the best weapons to use in Heavy Weapons:

1. Immediately after the first level, I would suggest to upgrade to the Arc Spreader. It is the best weapon to use (for quite a long time) and should always stay your primary weapon.
2. Ricochet – secondary weapon, great for the buildings and tougher enemies, as well as the buildings.
3. Spirraler – You will need this as your third weapon, in the most crowded levels. Just sit back and shoot – the Spirraler will do the job!
4. Bomb – this is pretty obvious, a pretty powerful weapon
5. Slow time – many people are against this weapon, but I like it since sometimes I simply get surrounded and have all my weapons charging. It helps a lot to get you out.
6. Homers – replace the Spirraler with these candies and apply the same tactic
7. Lazer Lock – great to replace your secondary weapons, perfect to use against the toughest enemies.
8. Big Lazer – or you could wait and get this one instead, which packs a much more powerful strike.

What is the last weapon in Heavy Weapons? Priced at an incredible 500,000, it is a… Homing Duck! For real. And it’s also reportedly awesomely cool. I haven’t tried it, never had enough money for it, though.

General Heavy Weapons tips:

Now, regarding the levels, it’s not too much to say to you. If you have ever played similar games, you know what to do: you will have to keep “running” from one corner of the screen to another (when spaceships only are involved), keep shooting and also get as many green money balls as possible, to afford upgrading your weapons. Your skill is really important here, so it’s all up to you!

Now, when it comes to bosses or buildings, all you have to do is find their weak spots and learn their patterns, and shoot them with the most powerful weapons you have. Usually you will have to try over and over again, since they are quite tricky and usually I found the time limit quite low. So good luck!