wogger4I loved the Wogger series of flash games and I hoped I’d like Wogger 4 as well, but I am only frustrated and mad after spending five minutes clicking on each pixel on the first screen in the just-released and being unable to do anything (and yes, I still feel like there’s a bug in there).

Or I am completely blind to something obvious – it wouldn’t be the first time this would happen. Also, after a while, the website decided to only show me the shouts page and no matter what I did it kept turning back there. So yes, certainly tons of bugs that make the whole thing unplayable.

If you’re willing to risk it, visit the official website and try to play Wogger Level 4. Many people talking there are showing their appreciation to the game (and that’s exactly what I hoped to be doing after enjoying it) so it worked for them. Maybe you are lucky too. But be careful, if nothing works, just quit and forget that Level Cross ever existed. Stress is bad for one’s health, and swearing is also not nice. I know, because I’ve been through these two after Wogger frustrated me – and my mouse is still aching.