escape-the-roomIt’s been a while since I last offered you a great Escape the Room game to play, so I decided to look for some goldies when making today’s recommendation. So today’s free flash game of the day is Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory, a true classic, a very challenging escape the room game that will certainly prove difficult even for the expert players.

The fun thing is that the developer, Bianco Bianco, even though clearly talented and “feeling” the genre, has big troubles with the English and the result is that of some beautiful Engrish. So prepare to giggle reading stuff like “I was in the factory did not know to awake one day,” or “Insert the document in the drawing putting”.

Except for that, though, Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory is a true challenge and, even though the place seems to be small at first, it’s not and there are many hidden things there. One puzzle, for example, the one where I had to find a code for the fork lift was simply impossible to me and I still think that the solution was a bit exaggerated. Still, it is a challenge and I’m sure we all love them!

So, if you are on the more casual side of gaming, Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory might not be the best choice, since it is quite difficult. However, if you love escape the room games and you haven’t played this one, it is a must to right the wrongs and do so! So go on and give today’s game of the day a try!