red-star-puzzleI loved the original Redstar Fall flash game which was a real hit back when it was released quite a while ago and today I found out, while visiting Jay Is Games, that a Redstar Fall Pro has been released and it’s better and more addictive than the original. As a result, the free puzzle/physics based game was chosen the free flash game of the day.

Delivering 20 new incredibly challenging puzzles (at least for a slow dude like me), Redstar Fall Pro delivers what more and more games nowadays are afraid to deliver: true, challenging gameplay and not stupidly easy puzzles that offer absolutely no satisfaction.

If you haven’t played the original Redstar Fall game, here’s what you have to do in the “Pro” version: bring a red star on a specified platform by using boxes of explosives and removing all sorts of other platforms. The game also comes packed with a great physics system and, unlike other games, it’s not based on reflexes and quick fingers, but on strategy and great puzzle-solving abilities.

Also, as I said, Redstar Fall Pro is really challenging, so take a deep breath before starting to play here today’s game of the day: I got stuck fast, at level three. I’m not a PRO, so it seems.