heros-armsIf you feel like playing a retro flash RPG game, one similar in looks and concept to the old Zelda titles, then Hero’s Arms is the title you were expecting to see. You’ll get the top down view, the same inventory style and feeling of the popular RPGs on late 80s, and probably a lot of fun hacking the monsters around.

Developed by Berzerk Studio, this flash title is not one for those of you who have a very competitive nature, since the enemy creatures tend to ignore you and leave you alone if you don’t want to attack them, and the quest itself is not the most difficult one, but since Hero’s Arms is a flash game that can also be played for free, I think you won’t feel sorry for trying it.

The only major problem I found with it is the intense blinking of text in certain areas, but except for that, I loved killing red spiders and blue… things. Give it a try here.