the-great-house-escapeThe Great House Escape is the finale of one of the most appreciated and well done escape the room games and it’s done in style, let me tell you that! However, no matter if you played the previous six games in this mini flash series or The Great House Escape is the first you play, you’ll still have some quality time trying to evade this crazy house.

This escape the room game was developed by Pastel Games and they did a great job: The Great House Escape takes all the previous locations we had to escape from (the attic, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and basement) and mixes them into one, huge house we have to deal with for the last time.

If you decide to play the game, you’ll get the same cartoonish and colorful visuals, a cool soundtrack and some pretty decent puzzles, even though a bit too easy for the escapist in me. However, The Great House Escape is still a wonderful title you should try and, if you love it, you should search for the previous six games in the series!

Click the link to play The Great House Escape now and if you get stuck, check out the video walkthrough below: