quest-in-the-darkTry to evade your nightmare in Quest in the Dark, a flash point and click adventure with “escape the room” elements created by Falgenius! The premise is interesting and I can feel you preparing for a terrifying adventure, but hold your horses! Although cool and clearly a great time waster, Quest in the Dark is anything but scary. Which is not necessarily a bad idea, because I doubt you’d like your colleagues at work scream in horror, right?

Actually, Quest in the Dark feels more like a game for kids since the ghosts and monsters look cutesy and cuddly, the setting itself is not too frightening and even the main character, whatever avatar you choose for him or her, looks like a little kid.

But in terms of gameplay and fun, you’ll have lots of thing to do: in an isometric view, by pointing and clicking your mouse you will guide your character through endless rooms, collecting tons of items to use together in order to achieve your final goal: get the gold key and escape your nightmare. And since it won’t be awfully difficult, you’ll find the experience quite entertaining – that if you can get used with the idea of having a lot of “junk” in your inventory (not all the items you find in Quest in the Dark will be used, but will count towards your final score).

All in all, Quest in the Dark is a perfect adventure game for a Friday morning (or afternoon), when you don’t want to feel too challenged by your game, but rather relaxed solving the puzzle. Therefore, this is the best choice for you right now: click the link to play Quest in the Dark for free!