mybrute-chuck-norrisOne of the main attraction points for a massively multiplayer online game is that it allows for player versus player battles. MyBrute, a new(ish) flash game wants to build up on that concept by eliminating all the “RPG” from the game and sticking to what we like most: pure violence, lightning fast action and something that could be described as “fun as hell!”

I have just decided to try the game for myself after hearing a few of my friends turned Brutes and talking about its awesome simplicity. And indeed they were right: you can easily create an account in MyBrute without filling any forms: just the name of the brute and, if you wish it to make it yours – a password. No e-mails, no time wasting: you will be, after a few clicks, ready to play.

Which is also resumed to clicking and no real action. Your brute will get some random stats (different levels of strength, agility and speed) and an extra feature. My brute was created as a real one: powerful as a brick, but as slow and agile. It’s not problem though, I will get it improved since after the first six fights (just two wins) I managed to level up and randomly get a new stat for MyBrute and a bit more speed.

So if your free time is low but you still wish to have some PvP action, MyBrute is your game. You will have to deal with a lot of randomness, of course, since it doesn’t appear that you have any impact on what’s happening the game (except for choosing who to fight with) but it’s still fun. Simple, fun and clean.

And if you feel like kicking somebody’s behind, this is my brute: CalinUni Teh Mighty. Let the fights begin!


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    My fighters have only just begun, but with the Cobra/Bear power i have received already the shuriken, lightning power, thick skin, club, and a few pets.

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