marioAs you have probably noticed already, we are running a “free to play” marathon here on Unigamesity, since the depression is depressing and we’re trying to bring a smile on your face with some free to play games. We have suggested already 14 Top Racing Games to Play for FREE and 8 Classic Point and Click Adventure Games to Play for Free, but that was not enough! So we thought: the easiest way to play computer games is in your browser. Flash games in other words. Free flash games. We have a list of 35 top quality flash games you’ll simply enjoy playing. Check them out!

1. Samorost 2 – two aliens steal a little puppy. The result? A top adventure game, an instant hit and a must play! (Click here to play Samorost 2 for free)

2. The Fancy Pants Adventure – a very, very popular and addictive platformer with physics and some impressive graphics. And, of course, a dude wearing some fancy pants. (Click here to play The Fancy Pants Adventure)

3. Cursor*10 – this flash game is simply amazing and comes with a concept I’ve never seen in a game: you control mouse cursors and you have to plan well ahead in order to make it out. It’s simply amazing and hopefully we’ll get more like that. (Click here to play Cursor*10 for free)

4. Frogger – a true classic, re-made in flash, but with the same concept: guide the frog to the end of the screen. Sounds easy, but we all know how addictive it can get! (Click here to play Frogger for free)

5. The Last Stand 2 – zombie hunting and planning at its best. Following the original game which enjoyed great success, The Last Stand 2 is an even better game, by adding some strategy bits and a time limit. A classic in the making (Click here to play The Last Stand 2 for free)

6. Super Smash Flash – a flash and free to play version of the highly popular Super Smas Bros. Get your favorite Nintendo character and start the fight. Just make sure you have a lot of time to waste before you start playing this one! (Click here to play Super Smash Flash for free)

7. Contra 20th Anniversary Edition – another great classic remade in flash, offering the same Contra feeling as the arcades back in the days. A very addictive and fun side scrolling arcade shooter! (Click here to play Contra 20th Anniversary Edition for free)

8. Super Mario World – yup, you’ve guessed it – yet another classic, putting the retro feeling where it belongs: right inside your soul! If you feel like playing once again through the levels of Super Mario, here is where your search ends. (Click here to play Super Mario World for free)

9. Max Dirt Bike – if you do not drink coffee before playing this game, your PC is safe. Otherwise avoid it, since it requires skill and you’ll have to face high levels of frustration before you get skilled enough for this game. Which is still fun and a must play. Maybe you’ll quit drinking coffee, too, which is even better! (Click here to play Max Dirt Bike for free)

10. Raiden X – you can’t have a solid free flash game list without at least one SHMUP game, and Raiden X is the one you were looking for. Great action, great style, lots of enemies to blast! (Click here to play Raiden X for free)

11. GemCraft – what do you get when you mix a Tower Defense game with a bit of RPG and a fantasy setting? GemCraft, a little gem, especially if you’re into this kind of games and you wouldn’t say no to some “magic touch”. Play it and you’ll see what I’m talking about! (Click here to play GemCraft for free)

12. Crimson Room – if you’re looking at that list, it means that you have already played a few “Escape the room” games. Well, this one right here is the one which got it all started, the mother and father of Escape the room genre. Give it a try, it’s golden! (Click here to play Crimson Room for free)

13. Insane Orb – Pong with a twist (as hard to believe as it might sound!). Basically, to the classic game of Pong, Insane Orb brings some obstacles to make the entire experience more pleasant. But you will still lose most of the games, don’t worry! (Click here to play Insane Orb for free)

14. Monster Den: Book of Dread – RPG at its best, for the tacticians out there. You have lots of items, monsters, spells and quests to test your (and your party’s) skills on. But only try it if you know what you’re getting yourself into. (Click here to play Monster Den: Book of Dread for free)

15. Draw Play – The next level of flash gaming, in which you have to design the game. Or the path. Kind of… Just try it and see for yourself, you don’t have to be a little Picasso in order to succeed! (Click here to play Draw Play for free)

16. Zuma – another real classic you have already played a million times already, but you probably had no idea that it’s available in flash format, for free. Well, as you can see – it is. Just give it a try and see which version feels better. (Click here to play Zuma for free)

17. Zelda Flash Game – if you thought we were done with classics, you were wrong! We have Zelda to keep you busy for a long time, in true pixelated graphics and featuring the same Link we all love. (Click here to play Zelda Flash Game for free)

18. ZwoK! – a bit of Worms, a bit of multiplayer, a lot of fun. It does feel like the classy Worms game, but it also ads a fresh touch of snow. A real joy to play, so give it a try. (Click here to play ZwoK! for free)

19. Stick Arena – another multiplayer game which is experienced at its best if you decide to pay a fee, but it can also be played for free. And if you consider that you got mad skills, grab your katana and give the game a try. I’m sure you won’t regret it! (Click here to play Stick Arena for free)