20. Line Rider – somewhat similar with Draw Play, Line Rider is already a major hit on Wii consoles. You can play it for free and enjoy the great concept behind this little jewel for as long as you want. (Click here to play Line Rider for free)

21. Fantastic Contraption – we have already talked about Fantastic Contraption a few times already and, for the record, we’re still playing, amazed by the power of physics. Or simply by the physics. Or simply the fact that we can’t finish the game. Maybe you can – give it a try! (Click here to play Fantastic Contraption for free)

22. Kill The Dog From Duck Hunt – a good time waster for 5-10 minutes. As the title suggests, you will finally get the chance to shoot the dog from the popular Duck Hunt game. You know you want to do it! (Click here to play Kill The Dog From Duck Hunt for free)

23. D-fence – similar in concept with The Last Stand 2, this shoot ’em up game also comes with some sort of Tower Defense feeling, making it, therefore, an even better game. It will get extremely difficult at the end, so make sure you have enough time when you start playing it (or a strong will to stop doing so after 3 hours). (Click here to play D-fence for free)

24. PACE: Pursuit Across Europe – probably one of the best looking flash games out there, Pursuit Across Europe is a racing title which will certainly relax you a lot, especially since it’s not too challenging. But it’s a real joy to watch and play, so it’s your win! (Click here to play PACE: Pursuit Across Europe for free)

25. RoboKill – another game which challenges you to blast thousands of enemies and which, of course, won’t be left alone until you finish it. Which is quite difficult, so prepare for a long time of playing. Just make sure to return to this page and try the other games too – they’re at least as cool as this one, you know? (Click here to play RoboKill for free)

26. Portal – the 2D, flash version of the successful game from Valve. It features a huge amount of levels, so prepare for some really tough brainbenders and a lot of fun! (Click here to play Portal for free)

27. Tangram – you probably played this in real life, while you were a kid, and you were amazed to see the plastic pieces connecting so well and actually resulting in the object you were tasked to create. Now you can do the same in flash – without the risk of breaking any of the Tangram pieces if you get mad. (Click here to play Tangram for free)

28. Kitten Cannon – not a game PETA would love, that’s obvious, but still a fun “how far can you shoot it” type of game. The good thing is that after 5 minutes you’ll be done with it and probably never feel the need to play it again. But those 5 minutes are priceless! (Click here to play Kitten Cannon for free)

29. Metal Slug Flash – the classic side scrolling shoot’em up title, re-made in flash. A great title to play when you start feeling nostalgic (or when you feel the need to simply blow stuff up). Must play! (Click here to try Metal Slug Flash for free)

30. Coolio Beat 2 – why pay tons of money for Guitar Hero or Rock Band and their downloadable games when you can play the same thing (at least in concept) for free? Coolio Beat 2 is a pretty difficult game, but being a musician ain’t easy either. Give it a try and get ready to feel the tunes. (Click here to play Coolio Beat 2 for free)

31. Final Ninja – a kind of a “batman” ninja, actually, this title offers us all the chance of being what we’ll never be in real life: agile, able to become invisible and pumped with courage. Otherwise a great flash game, Final Ninja is certainly addictive. (Give it a try for free here)

32. The Game of Disorientation – a game that should probably not be played by people with problems, since it can get you really dizzy, but certainly a good experience for those with rested eyes and lots of skills. Try it for free here.

33. Drifting Championship – a pretty cool and fun racing game, especially since it can be played in multiplayer. Unfortunately, there is just one track to play on, but you’ll soon forget about this little problem, especially if you have a few people to play against. (Click here to play Drifting Championship for free)

34. Dice Wars – a very cool turn based strategy (or, better said, tactics) game which, even though pretty simple in concept is very challenging and fun. A must play for all Flash game lovers! (Click here to try the game for free)

35. Flow – you probably know this game already, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it once more. Prepare for a long swim, partner! (Click here to try Flow for free)

I’m sure that there are at least 35 more top quality flash games out there, games we don’t even know they exist. If you do know about them, please let us and the other Unigamesity readers know about them in the comment section below. Free, quality games are hard to find nowadays, but this is a great place to start with!