layoff-screenWe’ve had Rihanna’s Revenge, allowing you to punch Chris Brown until his head blows, we’ve had the parody called Bush’s Boot Camp, making fun of the former president, why wouldn’t we have a flash game dealing with the next big thing? Well… there are no reasons not to and therefore Tiltfactor is presenting Layoff, the videogame for the crisis.

According to the developers, LAYOFF uses a simple casual game paradigm to comment on the current state of the US financial crisis. Both friends and strangers face tough times in an unstable economy. Part dark humor, part grim portent, this game places the player in the position of financier. In other words – you have to match three and let them go. It’s tough out there, but it might be fun in here. Unless you just got fired, like half of the globe’s population – if you were, then Layoff might be depressing for you.

But, hey! At least you’ll learn some facts while playing. Here’s an example: “Adjust for inflation, the federal bailout of $8.5 trillion is more expensive than every war the US has ever fought, the Louisiana Purchase, the Marshall Plan, the New Deal, and the Nasa Space Program COMBINED.” Scary, right?

Play Layoff: The Videogame for free here!