azul-baronisToday’s free flash game of the day is Azul Baronis, a really interesting and challenging Asteroids-like game with some very interesting extras, like allied ships, multiple enemy factions on-screen and no power-ups.

Basically, every other ship in Azul Baronis is bigger and more powerful than yours, and only you and your skill will help (of course, the allied ships pay a great role in the game, too). At first this free flash game could appear a bit chaotic: there are tons of ships on screen, whenever you get near one it disappears and until you know it, your colleagues have already shot them down. But soon you’ll get the hang of things and, even though you will continue having problems with the controls for the next 5 minutes (I know I did), once you will get used to them, you will have a real blast.

Because the challenge is indeed huge but nothing compares to destroying a huge ship with your little bug that fires almost harmless lasers. So really, if you believe you’ve got the skills and some free times to get used with the control scheme and the mini-map scanning, give Azul Baronis a try, it is a really entertaining game that can be played for free in your browser!