day2dieToday’s free flash game of the day is Days 2 Die, a super-cool zombie survival game which proves to be both very challenging and entertaining. And it also is a bug-free game, which is quite something for a flash game that was just released.

Basically a side-scrolling shooter game set within a limited environment (home, apartment, police HQ and so on), Days 2 Die is looking like a cool comic magazine brought to life by some cool programmers. The gameplay is also great: you control your character using the WASD keys, you shoot or slice like a mad man (or woman, in our case) and you hope to stay alive. You have to stay alive.

Just as in other similar games, Days 2 Die comes with some RPG elements: based on the number of casualties you improve your skills and earn money than can and should be spent on better weapons, barricades and even mercenaries to help you survive. So yes, we can say you will also need to plan your moves before starting each level – but you will have a lot of fun doing so.

Follow the link to give Days 2 Die a try right now: a great free flash game you simply have to play!