spiders-brideThere are some flash games out there that come with really interesting concepts, and The Spider’s Bride is one of them. A dark, strange and spooky flash game you can play for free and you should play, at least for a few minutes, just to see what I’m talking about.

Gameplay-wise, The Spider’s Bride is not very great: you have to squash butterflies and other bugs by balancing a mop in your palm – a pretty dull and boring job that gets even more boring due to the incredibly slow speed of the bugs. So no, that’s not why you have to play the game.

You have to play it just because of its dark approach to the genre: the game starts with the spider drinking blood from its bride’s brain, there will be lots of blood everywhere and the general setting is really well done. You will soon find yourself in the dark, creepy room, squashing cute colorful butterflies to feed the ugly, bloodthirsty spider. Now that’s something you don’t do every day!

So give The Spider’s Bride a try by following the link and let us know if you enjoyed it!