a-small-favor-first-screenAll I can say now is that there are free flash adventure games and there is A Small Favor, one of the coolest, funniest and challenging adventures I have played in quite a while, and definitely worthy of the award of “Game of the day” (and, who knows – maybe even more!)

Set in a strange sci-fi world in which aliens are, as we know then, green, and everything that otherwise made no sense now does, A Small Favor… comes with a great and complex story which we hope is just a teaser for the greater things to come. The characters are complex and complete, the puzzles are also very challenging yet in the most part logical and, generally, everything feels and moves great.

It really looks like old, classic adventures developed by the superstars at LucasArts or Sierra, with a huge advantage: it is completely free and you can play it in your browser. And yes, A Small Favor… is indeed a flash game you have to play!

So try it now following the link and let us know if you enjoyed it or not!