paper-moonToday’s flash game of the day is Paper Moon, a very cool and neat looking platformer created by Infinite Ammo and Adam Saltsman. The game was initially made for a competition – Gamma3D competition – but has been re-created and can now be enjoyed for free, in its entire splendor.

And indeed you will have tons of fun with Paper Moon. Although the main goal of the game is pretty simple and straightforward: to collect different fruits and score as much as possible until the time runs out, it’s the great graphic approach that makes it such a wonderful game: for real, it is a true eye candy and it looks almost surreal.

There are two possible drawbacks of Paper Moon, though: first of all, you will have to install a little software (the Unity web player) in order to enjoy Paper Moon and other flash games on the Blurst website; and second, the fact that you’ll keep playing and playing and playing until you’ll realize that you’ve lost at least one hour gathering cherries and bananas and apples. But at least it will be time well spent!

Now head on to the Blurst website by clicking the link and play the flash game of the day, Paper Moon!