swine-flu-hamdemicThe world’s under thread because of this strange swine flu virus, many people lose their minds because of it… what can we do? Well, play, of course! Play the “going to be bashed by everybody” flash game Swine Flu: The Hamdemic, a little game that adds a bit of humor and lots of pork chops to this swine flu madness.

Basically your regular “shoot as far as possible” type of game, Swine Flu: The Hamdemic gives you a sick pig in Mexico, a slingshot and a six barrel gun and tasks you with the difficult job of sending the sick little fellow as deep as possible in the US. Ouch! That is obviously not the nicest approach and that’s exactly why I believe that the game will get bashed by many, but it’s still just a game and it’s harmless. Germ free, I could say!

The game was developed by the Australians from 3rd Sense, who said about it: “In all seriousness, we’ve all been hearing so much about swine flu in this past week, that we thought it was time to have a bit of a laugh about the fact we are all talking about deadly pigs. Fans of the Fizzy sense of humor won’t be disappointed – this game is crackling good fun!”

For me, it got a bit frustrating because I kept hitting a big cactus and I was simply unable to shoot the pig. Maybe you will be a bit luckier, play Swine Flu: The Hamdemic now!