doctorkuI’m going to offer you the daily dose of adventure with today’s free flash game of the day, Doctor KU. Doctor KU is basically a point and click adventure game, but I noticed that most people refer to it as an “escape the room” game which works just as fine.

Created by Carlos Monzon and Federico Rutenberg, Doctor KU looks just like any classic and fun point and click adventure so, in case you started missing the old ones after the announcement of the new Monkey Island game, this is your chance for a change. But prepare to spend quite some time with the game, since it’s quite difficult and the puzzles are not, as in most escape the room games, quite obvious. Nevertheless, it’s a fun game to play. And, since it involves aliens who love birds, it’s even better.

So go on, follow the link and try Doctor KU, today’s free flash game of the day. And just a little hint (or spoiler, if you wish to call it like that): the key to the bird’s cage in Doctor KU is hidden under a tile in the second room, which can be opened by clicking on the owl’s trigger. Hope that helps you with tons of frustration – I know it took me ages until I figured that out!