dargon-boyIt’s been a while since I last played a high quality flash RPG game but things changed today after I have discovered Dragon Boy, the worthy winner of Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award. Read on to find out more about this little gem and, of course, a link to play it for free!

In Dragon Boy, you play as Guil (yes, without an “E”), a mighty warrior that has to grow a dragon, amongst other things like surviving green blobs, thieves and so on. The game plays similarly to any dungeon crawler, except for the fact that the “dungeons” are a lot smaller and the options limited (if we are to compare it with a full budget RPG, that is). But still, the game manages to pack a huge punch and provide non-stop action and excitement, which makes me say that it’s exactly what a game like this one should do.

The visuals are quite charming for a flash game and, even with a huge number of enemies on screen the game doesn’t lag, which is also a great bonus. Apart from the technical details, it’s worth noting that Dragon Boy “knows” about party members (who are really helpful during fights), it also has a bunch of skills you will wish to learn and improve – and there’s also a bit of strategy involved in choosing the correct order – and, overall, offers a couple of hours of plain fun.

So if you wish to test the game, you can give it a go over on Newgrounds. Simply click this link to play Dragon Boy, today’s free flash game of the day! And don’t forget to share with our readers any tips/strategies you might have!