clickplay2-level12walkthroughToday’s flash game of the day was ClickPlay 2, a great puzzler and a great sequel. Of course, there are some levels which are really tough to beat, but I have a ClickPlay 2 walkthrough here for you to help you get over all the problems and finish the game easily. Simply read on to find out how to finish ClickPlay 2 using the least amount of clicks. Have fun.

Full ClickPlay 2 Guide:

Level 1: Click and drag the moon downwards until the play button appears. Click it!

Level 2 – Egg spin: Roll over the eggs and notice the one that rolls the opposite way. Click it to open its mouth and reveal the play button

Level 3 – Ingredients: Pull the machine’s lever then drag and drop to its top the white ball and the black triangle. Wait for the machine to spit the button

Level 4 – Mikado: Simply click on the stick that’s on the top of the pile until you remove them all

Level 5 – Who’s hat?: Don’t click on the first person (the one in the upper left corner). Click the one in the upper right once, the one in the bottom left twice and the last one three times.

Level 6 – Boxed in: Click on the left side of the box to move it one step to the right. Click on the two pieces to make them fall, then click on the right side of the box to move it left and click the remaining two pieces.

Level 7 – Lap Star: This one’s up to you, you click the car to get it running and by clicking and turning the mouse to the left (that’s the direction to turn your car in circle) you steer it. Try not to get outside of the track before collecting all the stars.

Level 8 – High Voltage: Unscrew the screws by clicking on them and holding the mouse button pressed until they all fall (the order is not important). Next, we have a puzzle. Click the upper left square three times, the upper right square twice, the bottom left square once and the last square twice. Click play.

Level 9 – Ropey Rockies: You will have to click the rope and drag to see what’s above, then quickly click the new rope and so on, until you reach the top. Try clicking as high as possible on each rope.

Level 10 – Jumpin’ Ride: Click the car to get it started, then click each time it nears the spikes to make it jump over.

Level 11 – Ball buster: Click and drag the handle of the air pump up and down until the balloon pops. Then follow the movement of the play button and click it.

Level 12 – Boombastic: This is a really tough one. In order to finish level 12 of Clickplay 2 you will have to check out the image above that comes with the article and note the way I have arranged the arrows. Also note the highlighted one. Arrange the tiles in the same manner by clicking on them and click on the bomb. Then, after the bomb passes the marked square, click it to make it point to the right and reach the box just in time for the explosion. This is a really difficult one!

Level 13 – Round’n’Round: Click on +3 +3 -2 +3 -2 +3

Level 14 – Round the Bent: This is a bit tricky, too. You will have to put the golf ball into the hole with just four hits/clicks (although you would normally need 5). Also, you can’t hit the grass or the ball will be considered out of bounds and you’ll have to start over. Therefore, try to “cut” as much as you can with your shots: first time, shoot as much to the right as possible (click on the ground where you want the ball to get), then click as down as possible, then as much to the left as possible. Eventually, you will hit the perfect shots. Tip: in order to do it, draw an invisible with your mouse cursor to see where the “walls” end and move one inch to the right/left when shooting for a safe shot. And after you click the button, PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCREEN!

Level 15 – Head Bopping: If you paid attention, you saw where the button fell in the water. If so, simply go with the duck there by moving the mouse and click that spot.

Level 16 – Break in: Notice the time on the clock and the time of day on the window. Then type the correct time (mine was 1215) and press #

Level 17 – Drop Zone: Simply click the mouse when the plane is above a building to bomb one level down. When all three are down, the button will be revealed.

Level 18 – Bouncy Bounce: The ball changes the symbol every time it bounces. Therefore, drop it really slowly (from a very low distance) until the play button appears.

Level 19 – Meaw Meaw: Look at the cats’ names and click on their bowls in alphabetical order.

Level 20 – Eyes Wide Open: Click the monster’s bottom left eye, top left one, top right and bottom right.

Level 21 – Piece Me Together: Click the pieces as fast as you can in the following order: bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left.

Level 22 – Humpty’s Fall: First drag the big cloud over the sky, then click one of his eyes to move him a bit to the left or right. Continue doing so until it falls.

Level 23 – Happy Hour: Make the first letter on the labels spell PLAY. Therefore, click on the labels to be in the order: Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk.

Level 24 – Penguin Bowling: Click the penguin to make it jump and avoid 15 snowballs!

How many clicks did you get?