farmville-levellistHave you ever wondered which are all the FarmVille levels and what each level unlocks? I know I have and now I have the answers – ready to share them with you, too. Read on to find the complete list of FarmVille levels, level names, experience needed for each level in FarmVille and unlockables that come with each level. Enjoy and let’s hope you’ll get to be a World Fair Champ soon!

Level 1 – Field Hand

Level 2 (20XP) – Kinderfarmer
Buy Hay Bale & Plum Tree / Gift Plum Tree

Level 3 (40XP) – Amateur Farmer
Buy Barrel, Red Hay Bale, White Hay Bale, Blue Hay Bale, Pink Hay Bale, Black Hay Bale and Green Hay Bale / Gift Fig Tree

Level 4 (90XP) – Able Farmer
Buy Squash, Crate, Rest Tent, Chicken & Peach Tree / Gift Peach Tree

Level 5 (200XP) – Handy Farmer
Buy Pumpkin, White Stool & Brown Stool /Gift Avocado Tree

Level 6 (350XP) – Nimble Farmer
Buy Artichokes & Mailbox / Gift Horse Topiary

Level 7 (550XP) – Savvy Farmer
Buy Rice, Butter Churn, Well, Lemon Tree & Sheep / Gift Lemon Tree & Sheep / Ability to sell animals and trees unlocked

Level 8 (800XP) – Fancy Farmer
Buy Raspberries & Daffodils, Wood Pile & Tool Shed / Gift Apricot Tree

Level 9 (1300XP) – Sophisticated Farmer
Buy Cotton, Cow Topiary, Bike & Wagon

Level 10 (1800XP) – Splendid Farmer
Buy Cranberries, Fruit Stand, Picnic Set, Wood Fence & Lime Tree / Gift Bird Bath, Lime Tree & Pig

Level 11 (2300XP) – Farming Magician
Buy Bell Peppers & Stone Mailbox / Gift Grapefruit Tree

Level 12 (2800XP) – Farming Wizard
Buy Peppers & Wheelbarrow /Gift Rabbit / Buy Red & Pink Tractor

Level 13 (3300XP) – Jolly Rancher
Buy Grain Silo, Pink Fence & Wood Bench / Gift Goat Topiary Buy Harvester

Level 14 (3900XP) – Produce Professional
Buy Aloe Vera / Buy Black, Blue & Green Fence / Gift Banana Tree / Buy Seeder

Level 15 (4500XP) – Professor of Agriculture
Buy Pineapple & Red Tulips, Covered Wagon & Workshop / Gift Duck

Level 16 (5500XP) – Hot Shot Farmer
Buy Pattypan Squash, Lil Red Wagon & Pig Topiary

Level 17 (6500XP) – Super Shoveler
Buy Blueberries, BBQ & Gift Passion Fruit

Level 18 (7500XP) – Super Grower
Buy Watermelon & Hay Wagon / Gift Goat

Level 19 (8500XP) – Professional Plower
Buy Grapes, Cottage, Pink & Black Cottage / Buy Hedge & Bird House / Gift Bunny Topiary

Level 20 (9500XP) -Green Giant
Buy Tomatoes & Pink Roses, Hedge Arch & Barrel Wagon / Gift Date Tree

Level 21 (11500XP) – Rockstar Farmer
Buy Potatoes, Lawnmower & Sandbox / Gift Horse

Level 22 (13500XP) – Barnyard Behemoth
Buy Carrots, Wagon Wheel, Axe, Duck Topiary and Block & Windmill

Level 23 (15500XP) – Magnificent Farmer
Buy Coffee, Water Pump & Gift Pomegranate

Level 24 (17500XP) – Cream of the Crop
Buy Corn, Telephone Pole & Log Cabin

Level 25 (20500XP) – Sensational Sower
Buy Sunflowers, Hedge Arch & Light Post

Level 26 (25000XP) – Sultan of Soil
Buy Ghost Chili & Farm House

Level 27 (30000XP) – Thrill of the Till
Buy Cabbage & Iron Bench

Level 28 (35000XP) – Master of Pasture
Buy Green Tea

Level 29 (40000XP) – Sensation of the Plantation
Buy Black Berries

Level 30 (46000XP) – Lord of the Plow
Buy Red Wheat & Lavender / Buy Greenhouse

Level 31 (53000XP) – Bastillion of the Barn
Buy Sugar Cane

Level 32 (61000XP) – Ace of Acreage
Buy Peas & Gift Olive Tree

Level 33 (69000XP) – Livestock Lord
Buy Yellow Melon

Level 34 (78000XP) – Practiced Farmer
Buy Onion & Villa

Level 35 (87000XP) – Skilled Farmer
Buy Broccoli & Lilies / Gift Ostrich Topiary

Level 36 (97000XP) – Green Ribbon Farmer
Buy Acorn Squash

Level 37 (107000XP) – Clever Farmer
Buy Asparagus

Level 38 (117000XP) – Great Farmer

Level 39 (127000XP) – Smart Farmer

Level 40 (137000XP) – Model Farmer
Gift Buffalo Topiary

Level 41 (147000XP) – Frugal Farmer

Level 42 (157000XP) – Hot Shot Farmer

Level 43 (167000XP) – Proficient Farmer

Level 44 (177000XP) – Sophisticated Farmer

Level 45 (187000XP) – Accomplished Farmer

Level 46 (197000XP) – Brilliant Farmer

Level 47 (207000XP) – Prominent Farmer

Level 48 (217000XP) – Expert Farmer

Level 49 (227000XP) – Genius Farmer

Level 50 – (237000XP) Big League Farmer

Level 51 (247000XP) – Master Farmer

Level 52 (257000XP) – Grand Master Farmer

Level 53 (267000XP) – Farming Authority

Level 54 (277000XP) – Yellow Ribbon Farmer

Level 55 (287000XP) – Farmer Cash Crop

Level 56 (297000XP) -The Real Deal

Level 57 (307000XP) – Killer Tiller

Level 58 (317000XP) – Farm-o-saurus Rex

Level 59 (327000XP) – White Ribbon Farmer

Level 60 (337000XP) – I can Haz Farm?!

Level 61 (347000XP) – Old Mc-Who??

Level 62 (357000XP) – Educated Farmer

Level 63 (367000XP) – Red Ribbon Farmer

Level 64 (377000XP) – Hay Roller

Level 65 (387000XP) – Farming Virtuoso

Level 66 (397000XP) – Blue Ribbon Farmer

Level 67 (407000XP) – Purple Ribbon Farmer

Level 68 (417000XP) – County Fair Champ

Level 69 (427000XP ) – State Fair Champ

Level 70 (437000XP) – World Fair Champ

These are all the levels and unlockables in FarmVille. What level are you now?


  1. I’m at level 17 right now…but I don’t get what BBQ is. Is it some kind of tree or decoration or something? Never heard of a barbeque plant…

  2. lol you should’ve figured out the bbq since ur already lvl 17 :D
    i’m just about to get to level 40, finally the buffalo topiary unlocks…

  3. I am on Level 34.. I have already upgraded to the 24×24.. will i be able to expand even more than what I already have? is there a larger expansion available as I move up in Levels?

  4. I’m at level 21 and I was told that I can give away horses, but the option is locked. But Fv’s announcement said that I can..yeah right! My friends who have reached level 21 are able to give away horses. Might be a glitch….but then who would I contact about fixing this glitch? Sure the guy who started Zynga lives in the Bay Area…but it’s not like we can get hold of him easily…or can we?

  5. I have the same problem. I am at level 25 now and I can gift horses. I stopped paying attention to when I could gift horses after level 22. I was really upset to reach level 21 and only be able to gift a date tree. Who eats dates anyway?

  6. Above list shows that after earning 247000XP, I’ll reach at Level 51.

    But right now I’m having 244391 points and at level 51. Can anyone update lastest level points? — Thank you.


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