sniper-year-twoWhen it comes to being a professional assassin, gamers tend to be really excited. Therefore, more and more sniping games are created, most of them following the “stickmen” design made famous by the Sniper Assassin series. However, today’s free flash game of the day has the guts to be different and does it really well, otherwise it wouldn’t have been the winner of Unigamesity’s award. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Sniper: Year Two!

The free flash game is a bit unfair: it gives gamers two of the few things no gamer can say “No” to: guns and women. Here, however, you’re the woman: the hottest paid assassin in the world, the deadliest and the best. Or at least that’s what you will have to prove throughout 12 missions that will challenge you to be inventive and, of course, to be a great sniper.

As I was saying at first, Sniper: Year Two has the guts to be different compared to the Sniper Assassin series and delivers “full” persons to shoot at (even though it still sticks to the “shadow” concept). However, it is a lot cooler to shoot at these shadows rather than black sticks with heads.

Unfortunately for the veteran snipers today’s free flash game of the day is not very challenging: the missions are rather short and simple, but you’ll still have loads of fun playing them and, after the first playthrough, replaying them. There are also some nice additions – like creating diversions are getting yourself covered by weather effects, so you’ll most likely appreciate the game.

In order to see for yourself and give it a tray, head over to Bubblebox and play Sniper: Year Two!