best-flash-gamesWith all the flu and trips and problems I barely had time for gaming this month and it felt horrible. Fortunately, I still managed to find quite a few games that were worth playing and in case you missed a visit here in the Unigamesity, I’m going to sum them up here in this article, showing you the best free flash games that I managed to find over the internet in October!

When Penguins Attack – a really well done tower defense game with a twist.

Professional Sniper – following the classic recipe of stickmen assassination, Professional Sniper will certainly prove to be a challenge for you all!

The Insanity – a really creepy escape the room game that will keep you focused and scared while playing. A truly memorable experience and a must play game overall!

Zombie Hole – plain ‘ol zombie shooting, top down perspective and bucketloads of blood. Braaaaaains!

Eki Golf – a simply amazing experience, a charming game that will simply get you in the mood for singing and missing… just to sing some more!

Legend of the Golden Mask – a truly special offer, a free flash hidden object game that has the depth and length of a regular hidden object game you usually have to pay around $10 for. A great gem!

Hey Wizard: Quest for the Magic Mojo – being a wizard is not the easiest thing in the world and this little innovative platformer will certainly prove that to you!

Life Force TD – your regular tower defense game that comes with a new twist: win it to be able to create your own tower defense game!

Graveyard Shift – and again zombies. And vampiric bats and chubby ladies that have to be saved. By you, using all sorts of weapons and a wooden shield. Yes, a WOODEN shield!

Juggerdome – the ultimate tournament. Or just an excuse to blast away as many bodies as possible. And spin round an’ round an’ round…

Absence – if it’s spooky you want again, it’s spooky you get. A bit less scary than The Insanity, it’s still a pretty nice atmospheric escape the room game.

Gretel & Hansel – an adventure like you rarely get the chance to play, a short twisted tale of a little girl that tries to escape her parents who want to kill her. And her brother. As you can imagine, there’s lots of black and twisted humor coming with this little gem!

Bloons Tower Defense 4 – the fourth in the series needs no extra presentation. Simply a must play by all fans of the series.

Stay tuned with Unigamesity for even more hot free flash games and escape the room goodies!