eki-golfAnd you should play Eki Golf too – and let all your friends know about this game and make them play Eki Golf, until the entire planet knows and plays Eki Golf and sings that absolutely amazing song, including the line you hear for an “out of bounds”…

No, I’m not completely mad, and this Eki Gold I’m talking about is an amazing free flash game – one that wins the free flash game of the day award today and promises to remain in my soul for a long time.

Eki Golf is not your most innovative game ever, on the contrary: you’re a simple salaryman, bored to the bone, and looking to have some fun. Somehow, it happens that you have a golf ball with you and you’re also carrying an umbrella. There are also loads of people in the train station – from clowns to old ladies and men with chicken on their head (!!!) and you have three balls (golf balls, to make it clear!) to hit them with.

Although it is a bit of a skill game, it’s not this amazing setting and the fun concept that makes Eki Golf such a play-worthy title, but the soundtrack. Flash games generally lack proper sound effects and I probably play 99% of them with the sounds off, but today’s free flash game of the day has a simply brilliant track that simply sticks.

And yes, this is probably the first game I wish to miss the shot in, just to hear that dude sing me something in Japanese (hopefully he’s not telling me I’m an idiot or something like this… because it sounds too damn nice).

See for yourself, you won’t regret giving Eki Golf a try. Simply follow this link and have fun. And please let me know what the “O.B.” guy says if you know some Japanese!