legend-of-the-golden-maskDo you know those really cool hidden object games you pay about $7 for and play for hours, enjoying their style and becoming a fan of the genre? Well, Legend of the Golden Mask is one of those games, with one huge difference: it is completely free to play! Read on to find out a bit more about today’s free flash game of the day and click the link to CandyStand to play it for as long as you wish!

Legend of the Golden Mask tells the story of a young female who moves to her missing grandfather’s house to clean it up and, of course, unravel the mystery of his disappearance. You will have to collect diary pieces, puzzle pieces, you’ll have to complete lots of fun mini-games and, of course, spot tons of hidden objects in this truly amazing free to play game.

Although not as lengthy as other hidden object casual games, Legend of the Golden Mask still offers some quality play time, some simply amazing visuals for a free to play flash game and enough depth to make us go “Wow!” However, since it is played in your browser’s windows, some of the items will be a bit too small and your eyes might end up knocking at your door, aching. So it would be best to pause the game every now and then and relax your eyes – you’ll need them for a long time!

Legend of the Golden Mask also comes in two flavors: one time-challenge, suitable for the most hardcore hidden object players and a casual, relaxed, no time limit mode suitable for the rest of us. Personally, I would suggest going for the second option, especially since there are just three possible hints per level (and you can’t carry them over), and way more items to spot.

All in all, Candystand manages to deliver flash game fans, as well as casual players an incredible product that can be played completely free of charge. And we’re not talking about a demo or a trial, but a full, high quality game. And I am sure that if there were more developers like Candystand, we could be playing all our favorite games for free.

So by all means head over to Candystand’s website and play today’s free flash game of the day, Legend of the Golden Mask. Have fun and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the game with the other Unigamesity readers!