public-wc-escapeJust like in the case of zombie invasions, there’s one big thing that makes me happy when it comes to escape the room games: the fact that they’re not real. Because otherwise, you’d have a tough time trying to escape the strangest places on earth (and outer space, of course) and you’ll eventually get trapped in a game in a game in a game

That’s not the case today, when StoneAgeGames keeps you trapped in a public restroom, in Public WC Escape, an awkwardly strange free flash game, with flower pots near the toilets, with toilet paper in each room, with an unplugged heater in the middle of the room and, the cherry on top: an armchair near the sinks. As I was saying, we should all be very grateful that escape the room games are not real!

Public WC Escape is half a pixel-hunting game, half a puzzle solver and while playing it you find out the most important information of all times: 1=1!!! Tell that to psychologists and you’ll unleash hell on Earth!

Before that, though, you might wish to set you free in Public WC Escape. And don’t forget to flush!

Have fun and share your thoughts on today’s daily escape with the Unigamesity readers!