game-in-game-ingameNo, don’t worry, we’re not going to start debating whether we’re living in a dream or a game or something similar. No, we’re just going to play a really amazing and absolutely fun escape the room game, today’s daily escape title: Game in Game in Game (aka GIGIG).

What makes this free to play escape the room flash game so amazing its the story, in the first place: you’re a person that keeps playing escape the room games and loves them until one day when you realize that you’re trapped in such a game yourself. What to do if you’re stuck? Well, obviously, Google for the solution!

The second thing that makes Game In Game In Game such an amazing title its the humor: basically, this title can be considered a parody of escape the room games, one that touches all the stupid aspects (but, let’s be honest – the ones we love so much) of the genre. You’ll certainly have tons of fun playing the game and maybe you’ll start loving the escape the room games even more after trying this one out.

So go on and play Game In Game In Game by clicking here. Have fun!

[via JayIsGames]