house-gameFor such an uninspired title, House Game is a true gem: even though it is the last thing you might want to try due to its name, trust me on this one: you’re going to have tons of fun, especially if you love escape the room games.

With about a billion and a half rooms to explore, items to collect and puzzles to solve, House Game is a game of few words but many thoughts. It is cool and challenging, it has tricky questions in it to make the puzzles even tougher (at least for those who don’t know what is megastein) and in the end it has a nice overall value. Not the best looking game ever made, but complex enough to keep you busy.

So if you want to get busy and there is just an escape the room game that can satisfy you, today’s daily escape feature is the answer. So click here to play House Game.

Have fun and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the game in the comment section below!