zombie-holeYes, this is just one of those days: zombies, zombies and more zombies. Not that I have an obsession or something, it just appears that this week the developers decided to bring us tons of brain eating creatures for our own, sick and twisted pleasure. For the same reasons Zombie Hole exists and receives Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award.

Basically a top down shooter that simply follows the rules set by other similar titles (to read: it doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, except for some charmingly funny Engrish phrases), Zombie Hole still manages to entertain offering a pretty wide array of weapons and tons of creatures to destroy. Of course, destructible environments and barrels to blow up would’ve been even better, but nothing is perfect. Not even a game with zombies.

Story wise, things are simple and obvious. The official description explains: “The sacred cave full zombies has been opened by treasure hunters. Thousands of zombies marched into town and started to attack people. Grab your gun and fight your way through in this topdown action game. Find the professor for help, secure the area, and finally close the sacred cavern for once and for all!”

All clear, right? So I guess that, in this case, all you can do is head over to Kongregate and give Zombie Hole a try. You will not regret it. At all.

Have fun!