bad-memory-escape2I was 100% sure I wrote about Bad Memory Escape ages ago when the game was released, but it appears that my memory was playing some silly tricks. Because I didn’t. So I guess we can all agree that it kind of sucks when memory fails you. Especially twice in a row.

Because that’s what today’s daily escape game is about: memory failure for the second time in a row. In the game author’s words: “Once again your memory has left you… find numbers and solve riddle in order to escape from the rooms.” You can imagine how tough it is, especially if even memory decides to leave you…

Engrish aside, this escape the room game isn’t too challenging (to read: easy as hell), but it’s a nice way to start your week and get in shape for the real challenges that will come. So go on and play this game by clicking on the link below. Oh, and before I forget again: the game’s title is Bad Memory Escape 2

Click here to play it. Have fun!