the-insanityIt never happened before: the daily escape game is the same that gets the free flash game of the day award. So you can imagine just how cool – and a real must play title The Insanity is! It’s creepy, it’s innovative, it looks simply amazing – in other words, it’s a game like no other!

The story starts with you waking in a room of a terrifying and gore-infested house. You’re covered in bandages and your identity is a mystery to all but few-including yourself. As you make your escape you uncover that the house is the lair of amaniacal ex-chief of surgery the media have labelled ‘THE DOCTOR’, a psychotic ex-chief of surgery who now labours his days experimenting with a dark and abhorred surgical art, the practice of vivisection – the matching of human and animal limb. You are his latest victim to his cause. Going further into the game you realise that all is not what it seems, and that there are secrets to be discovered, and some that will shock you to the core.

Prepare to be shocked, scared, prepare to live life to the maximum and get ready to do some screaming. That’s what happens when you mix the relatively peaceful escape the room genre (or, better said, first person adventure) with elements that seem to be taken out of Resident Evil or Silent Hill. If you add to the mix a very gifted developer, then you have one single possible result: The Insanity.

So no matter if you consider yourself a fan of the escape the room genre or not, you have to give The Insanity a try. You won’t regret a thing – except if you are easily scared and creepy games give you nightmares (in that case, The Insanity is a must NOT play).

Everybody else: click here and have fun!


  1. I’ll come out with it first, I shamelessly googled my own game and came up with this site That’s a really great review man, I’m glad you deemd the game worth of such high praise.

    Here’s some info you might not know- the game actually borrows a lot of characters from my other game “THE DAMNED”, a project that never did get finished (yet) and thus with ‘waste-not-want-not’ I shanghied the thing and took a ton of graphics&audio out of it for “THE INSANITY”.

    The chainsaw guy’s actual name is “K” due to the doctor giving all his patients alphabetics tags prior to surgery.

    He is featured as a boss in the second level of “THE DAMNED”, available on my blog. You may also recognise the crowmen from lvl 3 look more than a little similar to the unnamed mutant that searches for the protagonist in the first room.

    “THE DAMNED” never really saw the light of day as a full game as I felt there was nothing remarkably enticing about the gameplay (enough to make it a earn any success at least) and I wanted to go back to the drawing board with it.

    Check it out here if you’re interested-

    Again, thanks for the review!


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