Do You Have what It Takes to Be a Professional Sniper?

Do You Have what It Takes to Be a Professional Sniper?

sniperAh, Sniper Assassin! The series is the one that most probably turned the “become a sniper” thing into a dream virtual profession for those who love playing flash games. Following the release of the games in the series, many have tried to copy the style and deliver us the same high quality, but failed miserably. Until today when Professional Sniper gets the free flash game of the day award.

Created by Stick Page, Professional Sniper comes with the same concept and character art and, even though the difficulty level can’t be compared to that of the Sniper Assassin series, is still thrilling enough to make you keep playing the game, wondering what your next task will be.

There are also a few funny things in Professional Sniper, like the “reaction,” let’s say, some of the characters in the game have when you start shooting (let’s say that a yellow spot appears under them) and other similar, fun (and disgusting – for parents) stuff.

The game is not too lengthy and the levels are not too tough, even though some need a few playthroughs in order to learn what to do, but in the end you will have fun and most likely you’ll agree that it’s the best title to play before the weekend.

So click this link and have fun, you disgusting sniper!