sniper-assassin3So, a new game in the Sniper Assassin series has just hit the web, Sniper Assassin 3 and I have prepared a walkthrough for you to guide you through the new levels of the even more awesome Sniper Assassin 3 world. Check out the Sniper Assassin 3 walkthrough below and let me know if there are things you would’ve done differently in Sniper Assassin 3 (which, by the way, can be played if you follow the link).

Level 1 (code: WATCHED): In the lower left corner, a man with binoculars will appear. Shoot him.
Level 2 (code: RENDEVOUS): A man will come to the table in the upper left corner. Shoot him in the leg anytime.
Level 3 (code BLOODPILE): If you look down, there will be a purple room with four people standing at one table. You will have to shoot the chandelier above them, but make sure you shoot it when the waiter is not nearby.
Level 4 (code ROBBER): Wait for the man that comes from the left to feed the sheep, then shoot the wolf that comes from the right.
Level 5 (code ALL IN): There is a guy in the center of the screen with lots of chips on the table. Shoot him in the head.
Level 6 (code TOUGHGUY): Press “q” and “f” repeatedly until the fear bar is bigger than the guts bar. When that happens, quickly press “Space” and you’re done!
Level 7 (bugged atm) (code HIDEOUT): Shoot the steam duct and then shoot the guy to the left of it. Wait until the guy patrolling on the floor below has his back to the guy on the roof in the lower left corner. Then, quickly shoot the guy on the roof and the one patrolling. Shoot the one in the room to the right of where the one was patrolling, then shoot the man above. There is just one guy left, and if you shoot him, the other one will be automatically resurrected by an in-game bug and you won’t be able to continue. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is nothing we can do about that, so let’s hope that the developer will fix it as soon as possible. Check back regularly on Unigamesity for the continuation of this Sniper Assassin 3 walkthough when the game is fixed.

UPDATE: Even though I still consider the Level 7 thingie a bug (since a dead man is instantly resurrected), as you can see in the comments below, the level is still passable. The rest of the Sniper Assassin 3 walkthrough, up to the last level (level 14) is in the comments below thanks to the brilliance of Kris. Thanks a lot for that!