halo master chief collectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection is getting a new 1.60GB patch, as the Halo 3: ODST Campaign is announced for release next month.

343 Industries detailed changes made in the new patch in a post on Halo: Waypoint. One of the major points made is a change to how 343 are dealing with quitting and betrayals. Leaving a match before it is over, no matter the reason, is now going down as a loss and as such will have an impact on your level.

Quits and betrayals are being tracked automatically, and if someone is seen to be committing them more than what 343 consider ‘normal behaviour’ then they will take action.

A number of fixes are being made to the ranking system, including an improvement to ranking consistency and penalties, fixing bugs that cause players ranks to drop excessively or shows their rank incorrectly.

“Based on these improvements and updates, we’ll be resetting ranking for Halo 2: Anniversary, and separately, will begin to roll out ranks to additional playlists soon (we’re aiming for the next day or so), starting with the addition of ranking to the Team Slayer and Halo Championship Series playlists. “343 said in the post. “We’ll be actively monitoring the ranking system across these playlists over the next few days to ensure that everything is working properly before adding ranks to additional playlists.”

The update also included a number of bug fixes and tweaks for each individual game in the collection, which you can view here.

The remake of the Halo 3: ODST Campaign was also confirmed as being ‘on track’ for next months’ update, along with the update of the map ‘Relic’.

The ODST Campaign, which will run at 1080p resolution and at 60fps, will be free for any players who played The Master Chief Collection from launch until the 19th December whilst signed in to Xbox Live. It is not clear yet how/if it will be released for everyone else.

As previously noted, ODST’s Firefight mode will not be included in the update.

Are you still playing The Master Chief Collection? Are you excited for the ODST Campaign?