when-penguins-attaclToday’s free flash game of the day takes us back when us humans were still under a huge threat: penguins were ready to rule the world and only our heavy weapons could stop them. In other words, we’re talking about a pretty funny and fun tower defense game with hot graphics and intense gameplay.

Although conceptually similar with most tower defense games, When Penguins Attack is not offering the same level of depth, especially if we are to think that there is no information regarding the hit points each enemy has or what amounts of damage our turrets do (except for vague expressions like “Excellent against Air units” and so on).

However, with some really smooth animations, with tons of enemies to blast away and different approaches possible to each of the six levels, When Penguins Attack remains one of the best tower defense games in recent times. It indeed misses the information – at least regarding the type of your next enemies – land or air, but maybe that was the plan to make it even more challenging. And when I say challenging, I really mean it, especially when it comes to the later levels.

So, especially if you are a fan of the tower defense genre, you should give today’s free flash game a try. In order to do so, click here and have fun!


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