, I’m not just trying to seem cool by writing so strange – is actually the name of today’s free flash game of the day, a really interesting and amazing blend of turn based strategy and RPG-tactics. Plus a really high level of challenge and a game of epic proportions. Hopefully more and more flash games will start to be that cool!

According to the game’s developer, “ is a story-driven RPG utilizing turn-based strategic combat and an upgrade system allowing players to customize their characters in any way. If you like a challenging and unique gameplay, you may find this enjoyable.” And yes, I must say that he’s right!

The game gives you command of a female character at first, but things get a bit more complicated along the way – including a “meanwhile, in a far, far away galaxy” kind of thing – and more characters get into play. The nice thing about your “main” characters is that they can summon help to get things even more interesting on the battlefield.

And battles are also played on two levels: on the map, using different special attributes each character has, or a versus mode where other special skills come into play into a three or four turns versus battle. There are action points to take into consideration, as well as range and other obstacles, so mindlessly roaming around won’t get you anywhere. But you won’t have to do tons of thinking to beat the game either – let’s just say that is extremely well balanced and just like any similar game should be.

You can also save your progress along the way (I haven’t finished the game yet so I can say that it’s quite epic!), you can improve your characters’ skills, enjoy a really well written story that will make you laugh like a mad man, enjoy the general humor (battling “cute evil creatures” or fluffy teddy bears that prove to be yetis and so on) and overall experience a game like we’re rarely offered a chance to play. For free.

And these are the reasons why is awarded Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award today. Now head over to Kongregate and play!