battalionghostsThe second episode of the Battalion trilogy has been released on Kongregate and, as you can see now, it’s a must play, just like all the flash games of the day here in the Unigamesity! However, if you’d like to learn a bit more about this game before embarking for a playthrough, read on this article!

In Battalion: Ghosts, the second episode of the trilogy, you take command of the powerful Akadian army and you try to crush the Northern Federation. It won’t be an easy job – not at all – but it will certainly be a hell of a ride!

In terms of gameplay, we’re talking about 10 new levels, lots of tanks and strategies that can be applied, bits of humor to keep us going and a smarter AI that will take advantage of all your weaknesses. So you’d better be prepared if you are to try Battalion: Ghosts and at least play the tutorial, otherwise you won’t have a long reign as a general.

Nice enough about the game is the soundtrack – even though it gets repetitive eventually, it’s really well done and gets the war feeling going. The graphics are also top notch and the overall length of the game is satisfactory – for you, not for your boss if you’re trying to play it at work.

But you can see all these for yourself by following the link to Kongregate and trying today’s free flash game of the day, Battalion: Ghosts.