Daily Escape: Mountain House Escape

Daily Escape: Mountain House Escape

mountain-house-escapeUsually, especially for us the younger ones, mountain houses mean anything BUT a place we’d like to run away from. Even our parents know that and probably that’s how mountain houses have always been: some real love nests.

However, since horror movies started to become popular, people found out that mountain houses are not heaven on earth really and from that to create an escape the room game that challenges you to escape from such a room – from whatever reason, there was just a small step.

Step that was successfully taken by Games2Rule who created a really smart escape the room game – Mountain House Escape – that will challenge a little bit even the most hardcore players, without being frustrating. Really, it’s a must try and hopefully you’ll be strong enough to say no to the urge of pressing that “walkthrough” button. Because it’s a game that’s worth finishing on your own.

If you want to check out today’s daily escape game, Mountain House Escape,  simply go over to Games 2 Rule and click play. And enjoy, of course!