keripexSimplicity and minimalism do not always mean “poor quality” or “bad game”. On the contrary, proves us today’s free flash game of the day, Keripex, a brilliant and charming puzzler that will keep you busy for countless hours. The good thing is that you’ll also put your brain cells at work, instead of simply laying back and shooting stuff.

The concept behind Keripex is quite simple: you have a number of squares available and they all have to be turned red (or a different corner) by simply dragging the mouse over them. The thing is that you start from a point and you’re not allowed to move twice over the same square. And that’s what complicates the things quite a bit.

At first – for about 10-15 levels, you won’t be challenged too much, but soon things will become a bit more difficult and, as you can imagine, that difficulty level will keep going up. So if you’re up for a challenge today, it’s Keripex you must play and you won’t regret doing so. Unless, of course, you get really nervous and smash your computer to the ground. Which isn’t recommended, by the way!

If you take the risk of getting addicted to a cool little minimalist puzzle game that can be played completely free of charge in your browser, hit the link and have fun!