extendedI love them daily escape the room games, especially if they come in a different language to make them even more challenging. However, today’s daily escape game – a title that’s innocently titled “Extended“, is a different piece of cake: it will drive you crazy and slowly kill any trace of sanity you might have left.

And all these with just two possible views and one single room. The most interesting thing about Extended is that, even though hellishly difficult and completely enraging, it is quite logical and if you manage to keep focused and ignore the completely annoying Sims-like “hints”, you will solve it without any help.

Of course, most of you will need a bit of help to get through and thankfully, since I have already smashed my head to the walls and crushed my fingers with an axe (aka I managed to finish the game), I will soon post a walkthrough for Extended. But until I write it, why not give the game a try? And no, don’t even try to ask me what that blue thing is!

Follow the link to play Extended and remember to check back soon for a complete walkthrough!

UPDATE: If you got stuck already, you don’t have to worry anymore as the Extended walkthrough is here, as promised!