ufo-maneuverI felt the need for a puzzler – one that’s smart enough to keep me busy but also easy enough to keep me from destroying my computer with a fist of rage while listening to Kid Rock. Fortunately, I found such a puzzler that we can all play for free: UFO Maneuver, today’s free flash game of the day.

The concept of the game is quite simple: you have an infinite number of moves and no time limits and you have to move your UFO to its home planet. The thing is that you can only move to specific platforms and once you’ve “stepped” on such a platform, you’re not allowed to stop on in again. There’s just a single path to solve each level but even the more advanced ones are easy and logical enough to keep your sanity levels high. Of course, things might get a bit difficult – it’s a puzzle game, after all! – but not frustrating or irritating!

The visual and sound aspects should be completely ignored when playing UFO Maneuver, because there are other things that matter when it comes to puzzlers. And this free flash game has them all, including teleporters. LOTS of teleporters!

Even better, it also comes with a level creator, so you can design your own level and share it with your friends and even send them to the author who might do a “Level pack” or something. So this has the potential to become a hit. Check UFO Maneuver out at Kongregate and have fun!