extendedwalkthroughIf you got stuck (it’s natural for you to!) playing Extended, today’s featured daily escape the room flash game, you don’t have to worry – I have a walkthrough for the game ready, offering step by step instructions on how to beat the game and finish it. So read on and have fun!

Full Extended walkthrough:

1. Go right and click the poster on the wall. Pick up hidden paper to the left of the poster. Note the playing cards on the poster – each symbol stands for a number (2, 3, 4 or 1(0))
2. Zoom out (press the hand symbol) and press right. To the right of the poster, there is another piece of paper hidden. Pick it up too.
3. Go right and click on the brown box. Open it using the code: IV, I, II, III, Star. Get the key.
4. Click the hand pointing to the right and use the key with the upper drawer. Pick up the magnet.
5. Click on the brown box again and use the magnet with the key to the left. Go back and use the key with the lower drawer and get screwdriver.
6. Again, click on the brown box and click on it’s top part to close it. Select the screwdriver and click the top of the box, then select the screwdriver once again and remove the two screws.
7. Enter the same code as last time (IV, I, II, III, Star) and get the green thing which is a mirror.
8. Go left and click the poster. Use the mirror with the word ROYAL and notice the new code. Click twice the brown box cover in your inventory and click it to see yet another code (II, IV, I is the code, translated)
9. Go back to the brown box and enter the code (II, IV, I, Star) and pick up the doughnut (or whatever is that)
10. Go left and open the big white door (right hand size door) and put the doughnut there. Click the door to close it, then open again. And next time simply get the axe and smash any huge blue bugs you might see in your locker!

If you have any further questions related to the Extended walkthrough, ask in the comment section below!